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Yvonne Ayoub

Hi! I'm a London based Artist/Illustrator/Photographer living between London, Lebanon and Greece. As a member of the UNESCO Club of Arts & Sciences (Athens), I exhibit my work regularly in Athens, Beirut and on the beautiful Greek island of Skiathos where, in 2008, I established an ARTIST SUMMER RETREAT (for details visit: 'PAINTING SKIATHOS' )

I enjoy the versatilty of working in a wide variety of artistic disciplines from fine art to dance, photography and sculpture and with my paintings, which are mostly representational, I aim to reflect and record the rich diversity of the many fascinating cultures I experience on my travels. Presently, my greatest challenge is to capture the purity of light and vibrant intensity of colour that is unique to the Greek islands and to capture something of traditional desert life in a rapidly changing Middle East. 

For all enquiries regarding my ORIGINAL PAINTINGS, a COMMISSION or IMAGE-LICENSING please use the CONTACT FORM.

PRINTS and GREETINGS CARDS of all of my images are available to purchase ONLINE at: 

ART STORE 1 (UK/Europe) or  ART STORE 2 (USA)

Thank you for visiting my galleries and do pop back as new works are added all the time.

Yvonne Ayoub 2014

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